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About me

Megan Katz is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She first picked up a flute in 2005; quickly becoming ear trained and playing classical and jazz standards at the age of ten. She had previously studied piano and since falling in love with musicians like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Heart, and Janis Joplin in her teen years, she went on to become a student of guitar and bass.  Megan is a self-taught singer and brings her poetry to life through music. She has a natural approach to composing music using just her own vocals and acoustic guitar. Her music has been described as raw and relatable, with sweet sounding vocals and impressively recorded guitars. Rooted in folk rock, her music is honest and unfiltered. She released her debut single “Like You Do” in June of 2022 and has since been working on her debut album which she plans on releasing this year. The album talks about themes of anxiety, love, and sickness with a dichotomy of sound featuring live recorded drums, guitars and vocals. 

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